Wednesday, 14 October 2015

new blog manifesto

Every time I start a blog, I gradually lose interest and the posts slow down until said blog becomes utterly stagnant. 

This time, though, will be different.

Because I say so.

Because I will purchase a domain so I'll be tricked into needing to get my money's worth.

Because I will not lock myself into any one kind of blogging, or any one theme or topic.

Because I will use it to express myself (whatever needs expressing in that moment).

Because I will use it to practise my writing - any kind of writing.

Because I will not force myself to post according to a schedule.

Because I will write what I want.

Because I will focus on other people's art as much as my own.

Because I want to create art that makes people feel things.

Because I want to leave a piece of me out there when I go.